About the UCLA Web Component Library

Welcome to the UCLA Web Component Library.

The digital application of UCLA’s brand can be found here. We’ve developed a library of components, along with thoughtfully articulated guidelines, documentation, and code to assist campus partners in designing and developing robust and accessible experiences across all UCLA websites and applications.

Our goal is to provide flexible resources and tools for any person or team who contributes to UCLA’s diverse and substantial digital infrastructure.

Why We’re Here

We want to help establish and sustain a unified brand identity across UCLA’s expansive digital properties. By keeping the digital brand consistent, we are able to provide all users a cohesive and seamless experience, no matter which UCLA family of websites they are on.

By sharing UCLA’s foundation and components, we hope to eliminate the initial barriers of production for UCLA’s digital teams, and to improve the overall efficiency and quality of that process.

Component Status Types

Component is ready for use in production websites and applications.
Component has a branch that is currently under review by the UCLA governance team.
Component is a “work in progress.” Component has been reviewed at least once, and there is a branch with notes from the governance team.
Component has never been submitted for review, and no branch with notes exist from the governance team.
Component is no longer supported in the library and is not encouraged in production websites and applications.

Documentation Status Types

Documentation for corresponding component is ready for referencing.
Documentation for corresponding component is underway.

Who Should Use This

We encourage any person or team that is designing and/or developing a website or application for a UCLA entity to use this library.

Who Can Contribute

We embody UCLA’s inclusive values and welcome anyone who wants to support this library’s continuing development. Please see our Contributing section for further details and specific guidelines.