Accordion Documentation


Display content in a compact manner

Accordions provide a space-saving technique for displaying content on your viewport. Users can explore an overview of topics and then expand accordions as needed to see more information.


Usability Guidance

  • Use accordions only when information doesn’t need to be immediately visible, and you believe additional information will overwhelm users.
  • Use accordions to a greater extent on mobile devices to help reduce scrolling.
  • Use an icon or label on an accordion to visually indicate more information is available.
  • Use an alternate icon or label on accordion to indicate an expanded state.

Further Reading

Accessibility Requirements

  • Treat accordions like headings and buttons. Headings describe the content beneath and buttons denote an interactive state.
  • Use <h3> or <h4> or smaller headings with a nested <button> element.
  • Only display one load more button per page or differentiate load more button text so screen readers can differentiate for non-sighted users.
  • Apply ARIA roles so accordions are tab-able.
  • Apply ARIA states to denote open headings and panels.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Customize the heading to describe the content nested within each panel.
  • Use an icon or text label to visually indicate more information is contained within.


  • Don’t nest the primary sections of a page in accordions, nest only the secondary topics.
  • Don’t use accordions when additional or related content should have a separate page, due to the length of content or when visibility is needed in navigation and search engines.



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Desktop Specs

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Mobile Specs

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Load More

Use this button to display more content or more items in a list. You should customize the label for accessibility requirements.


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