Weather Icons

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<!-- Foggy -->
<img alt="Foggy" src="/img/icons/weather/fog.svg">
<img alt="Foggy" src="/img/icons/weather/fog-white.svg" style="background: #2774AE">

<!-- Light Rain -->
<img alt="Light Rain" src="/img/icons/weather/light-rain-black.svg">
<img alt="Light Rain" src="/img/icons/weather/light-rain-white.svg" style="background: #2774AE">

<!-- Moon -->
<img alt="Moon" src="/img/icons/weather/moon-black.svg">
<img alt="Moon" src="/img/icons/weather/moon-white.svg" style="background: #2774AE">

<!-- Overcast -->
<img alt="Overcast" src="/img/icons/weather/overcast-black.svg">
<img alt="Overcast" src="/img/icons/weather/overcast-white.svg" style="background: #2774AE">

<!-- Partly Cloudy -->
<img alt="Partly Cloudy" src="/img/icons/weather/partly-cloudy-black.svg">
<img alt="Partly Cloudy" src="/img/icons/weather/partly-cloudy-white.svg" style="background: #2774AE">

<!-- Partly Sunny -->
<img alt="Partly Sunny" src="/img/icons/weather/partly-sunny-black.svg">
<img alt="Partly Sunny" src="/img/icons/weather/partly-sunny-white.svg" style="background: #2774AE">

<!-- Sunny -->
<img alt="Sunny" src="/img/icons/weather/sun-black.svg">
<img alt="Sunny" src="/img/icons/weather/sun-white.svg" style="background: #2774AE">
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